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Evolutionary Biology PhD Program

Participating Faculty at SDSU

Annalisa Berta
 Annalisa Berta, Professor of Biology. 
   Mammal systematics & evolution, functional anatomy.
Andrew Bohonak
 Andrew J. Bohonak, Professor of Biology. 
   Population genetics, freshwater invertebrates.
Kevin Burns
 Kevin Burns, Professor of Biology. 
Ornithology, systematic biology, molecular evolution.
Rulon Clark
 Rulon Clark, Associate Professor of Biology.
   Behavioral ecology, predator-prey interactions, animal communication, foraging
   behavior, conservation ecology, integrating animal behavior with population ecology
Marshal Hedin
 Marshal C. Hedin, Professor of Biology. 
   Speciation, phylogenetics, biodiversity, spider biology & evolution, evolution in caves.
Scott Kelley
 Scott Kelley, Professor of Biology. 
   Insect systematics, microbial ecology & evolution, bioinformatics.
Tod Reeder
 Tod W. Reeder, Professor of Biology.  
   Evolution and molecular ecology of amphibians and reptiles, particularly those
   of southwestern U.S. and Mexico.
Forest Rohwer
 Forest Rohwer, Professor of Biology.
   Genomic analysis of marine phage, opportunistic infections and coral disease,
   diversity of coral-associated bacteria.
Jeet Sukumaran,  Assistant Professor of Biology.
   Process-based modeling of macroevolutionary dynamics, diversification, and
    biogeography/phylogeography; species delimitation; host-parasite coevolution,
Elizabeth Waters
 Elizabeth Waters, Professor of Biology. 
   Plant evolution, origin of land plants, molecular evolution.
Ricardo Zayas Ricardo M. Zayas, Associate Professor of Biology
Stem cell biology. Molecular mechanisms underlying regeneration of the
   nervous system in planarians.
Robert Zeller Robert W. Zeller, Professor of Biology. 
   Developmental biology of ascidians; evolution of developmental gene regulatory
   networks in primitive chordates.