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Faculty and Staff in Evolutionary Biology


Andrew Bohonak
 Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Cornell University (1998).
 Research Interests: Freshwater invertebrates, population genetics, population ecology,
    estimation of gene flow and dispersal, invasion genetics, computational biology, systematics.
 Courses Taught: Genetics and Evolution, Population Genetics, Seminar in Systematics and Evolution.
Kevin Burns
 Professor of Biology. Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley (1996).
 Research Interests: Ornithology, systematic biology, molecular evolution.
 Courses Taught: Evolutionary Biology, Ornithology.
Rulon Clark
Associate Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Cornell University (2004).
 Research Interests: Behavioral ecology, predator-prey interactions, animal communication,
  foraging behavior, conservation ecology, integrating animal behavior with population ecology.
 Courses Taught: Animal Behavior.
 Primary Affiliation: Ecology Program Area
Assistant Professor of Biology. Ph.D., National Autonomous University of Mexico
 Research Interests: Evolutionary ecology, plant biology, microbial communities, climate change,
   phylogenetics, population genetics/genomics, evolution of reproductive systems, development,
   ecology, epigenetics, and systematics
 Courses Taught: Seminar in Systematics and Evolution; Principles of Organismal Biology
Marshal Hedin
 Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Washington University (1995).
 Research Interests: Speciation, phylogenetics, biodiversity, spider biology & evolution,
    evolution in caves.
 Courses Taught: Principles of Organismal Biology, Systematics and Biodiversity,
    Terrestrial Arthropods.
Scott Kelley
Professor of Biology. Ph.D., University of Colorado (1998).
 Research Interests: Phylogenetic approaches to RNA structure prediction, DNA and protein motif
    pattern recognition, and genome sequence analysis. Molecular systematics studies of insect and
    microbial communities. MS and PhD student mentor.
 Courses Taught: Bioinformatics, General Microbiology.
 Primary Affiliation: Cell & Molecular Biology Program Area
Leroy McClenaghan
 Professor of Biology. Ph.D., University of Kansas (1977).
  [Note: No longer accepting students.]
 Research Interests: Mammalian ecology, ecological genetics, conservation genetics.
 Courses Taught: Ecology and the Environment, Genetics and Evolution, General Biology.
 Primary Affiliation: Ecology Program Area
Tod Reeder
Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Zoology, University of Texas at Austin (l993).
Research Interests: Molecular ecology and evolution of amphibians and reptiles, particularly those
  of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.
 Courses Taught: Evolution, Herpetology, Principles of Organismal Biology,
    Phylogenetic Systematics, Seminar in Systematics and Evolution
Forest Rohwer
 Professor of Biology. PhD.  San Diego State University (1997).
 Research Interests: Genomic analysis of marine phage, opportunistic infections and coral disease,
   diversity of coral-associated bacteria.
Primary Affiliation: Cell & Molecular Biology Program Area
 Assistant Professor of Biology. Ph.D., University of Kansas, Lawrence (2012).
 Research Interests: Process-based modeling of macroevolutionary dynamics, diversification, and
    biogeography/phylogeography; species delimitation; host-parasite coevolution, phylogenetics.
 Courses Taught: To be announced.
Elizabeth Waters
 Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Washington University (1993).
 Research Interests: Plant evolution, the origin of land plants, molecular evolution.
 Coures Taught: Molecular Evolution, Introduction to Plant Biology, Principles of Organismal Biology.
Kathy Williams

 Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Stanford University (1981).
 Research Interests: Insect/plant interactions, effects of food quality on insect population dynamics,     insects as indicators of biodiversity and habitat restoration.
Primary Affiliation: Ecology Program Area

Ricardo Zayas
 Associate Professor of Biology. Ph.D., Tufts University (2003).
 Research Interests: Stem cell biology. Molecular mechanisms underlying regeneration of the
   nervous system in planarians.
 Primary Affiliation: Cell & Molecular Biology Program Area
Robert Zeller  ROBERT W. ZELLER
Professor of Biology. Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1995).
 Research Interests: Chordate development, evolution of development, evolution of genomic
    regulatory networks, genomics, bioinformatics.
 Courses Taught: Advanced Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology; Principles of Cell and
   Molecular Biology.
 Primary Affiliation: Cell & Molecular Biology Program Area