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                    Roger E. Carpenter Lecture in Comparative Biology

16th Annual Roger E. Carpenter lecture in Comparative Biology
Dr. Emilia Martins

Indiana University

Behavioral Syndromes & the Comparative Method: Using phylogenies to infer adaptation

Monday 4 pm 11 April 2011
Gold Auditorium BioScience Center
Reception following lecture in Faculty-Staff Club.

The Roger Carpenter  Lecture for 2010 will be given by Dr. Emilia Martins, of the Department of Biology, Indiana University. Dr. Martins is a comparative biologist who uses phylogenies to infer how animal signals and social behavior have evolved. She has studied lizards and fish from around the world, using a combination of field observations, laboratory experiments, and theoretical approaches to understand how their systems of communication have been shaped by their physical and social habitats. Along the way, she has developed statistical methods and software that allow others working on different comparative questions to infer evolutionary patterns through comparisons of living species.