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                    Roger E. Carpenter Lecture in Comparative Biology

14th Annual Roger E. Carpenter lecture in Comparative Biology
Dr. Jonathan Losos 
Harvard University

Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Ecology and Adaptive Radiation of Anoles"

Monday April 27 2009  4:00 pm
Gold Auditorium, Bioscience Center
Reception following lecture in Faculty-Staff Club.

Dr. Jonathan Losos, Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, is a comparative biologist with a research focus on the behavioral and evolutionary ecology of lizards. Major questions concern how lizards interact with their environment and how lizard clades have diversified evolutionarily. His approach involves the integration of behavioral, ecological, functional morphological, and phylogenetic studies. A major focus has been the evolutionary radiation of Caribbean Anolis lizards, but other lizard radiations are also being studied.