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Lai, Chun-Ta

Associate Professor of Biology

Ph.D., Duke University (2001)

(619) 594-0678

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I am an ecosystem ecologist specializing in terrestrial ecosystem response and feedback to climate change. My research focuses on questions surrounding water and carbon transfer from leaf to regional scales. I have been working on developing new techniques for detecting stable isotopic variation at multiple scales, and the use of isotopic signals in studies of ecosystem-atmosphere interaction. My current research projects center on an atmospheric isotope network that presents a continuous, long-term record of isotope changes relating to CO2 and water exchange on land. These isotope measurements provide an unparalleled opportunity to study eco-hydrological impacts of climate change as the data stream grows in time.

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Selected Publications (click here to see an updated list)
Lai, C.-T., A. Schauer, C. Owensby, J.M. Ham, B.R. Helliker, P.P. Tans, and J.R. Ehleringer, Regional CO2 fluxes inferred from mixing ratio measurements: estimates from flasked air samples in central Kansas, USA, Tellus B, in press.

Lai, C.-T., W. Riley, C. Owensby, J. Ham, A. Schauer, and J. Ehleringer (2006), Seasonal and interannual variations of carbon and oxygen isotopes of respired CO2 in a tallgrass prairie: Measurements and modeling results from three years with contrasting water availability, Journal of Geophysical Research-atmosphere, 111, D08S06, doi:10.1029/2005JD006436.

Lai, C.-T., J. Ehleringer, B. Bond, and K.T. Paw U (2006), Contributions of evaporation, isotopic non-steady state transpiration, and atmospheric mixing on the 18O of water vapor in Pacific Northwest coniferous forests, Plant, Cell and Environment, 29(1), 77-94, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3040.2005.01402.x.



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