shahan looks surprisingly uncomfortable??? rare snow along the Salinas River Eumeces skiltonianus (phylogeographic unit B)
Santa Cruz mountains Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis the streets of San Francisco
Golden gate bridge oak woodlands near Oakville Elgaria coerulea
Elgaria shahanensis?? Aneides flavipunctatus, with young Ingelnook Fen dunes
south of Humboldt Bay south spit, Humboldt Bay steven, dru, robin, maureen, shahan
the mystical Humboldt county...... snowpeople have feelings too!!! Founder's Grove
female centipede guarding her eggs Hwy 36 bigfoot and his disciples
i want to believe Trinity river, near confluence with New River Pimus
not a good time to be an arachnid... North Fork of the Trinity stalactites
medieval looking woodlands steven thomas, mr. banksula snowing, but still smiling :)