ESP: Evolution in Simulated Populations
v.1.16 (April 16, 2003)

Andrew J. Bohonak, San Diego State University
George K. Roderick, University of California, Berkeley

ESP is an application for evaluating population differentiation over time, based on Monte Carlo simulations.  As a result, ESP facilitates hypothesis testing through parametric bootstrapping.  Uses include:

sea ESP for PPC Macintosh. Program will download as a binhexed self expanding archive.
(Mac OS9 application only, sorry! This program will no longer be updated.)

pdf Citation:   Bohonak, A. J., N. Davies, F. X. Villablanca, and G. K. Roderick. 2001. Invasion genetics of New World medflies: testing alternative colonization scenarios. Biological Invasions 3: 103-111.

pdf ESP manual

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