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Judith W. Zyskind 


Professor Emeritus
Department of Biology
Molecular Biology Institute
Ph.D., Iowa State University

Discovering Antibiotic Targets

A major human health problem in the area of infectious diseases is the alarming increase in resistance to antibiotics in bacterial pathogens, where some pathogens have become resistant to all antibiotics.  Because antibiotics target the products of essential genes, screening for previously unknown essential genes can lead to the development of novel and effective antibiotic drugs.  There are estimated to be at least 400 essential proteins in each bacterial species, leaving 385 unexplored proteins that could serve as targets for the development of new antibiotics.  Identifying these proteins in pathogenic organisms is of great interest to the pharmaceutical industry because they encode potential antibiotic targets.  Most of the approaches used currently for identifying new antibiotic targets from genomic information or genetic screening are time consuming and labor intensive.  My lab discovered a novel, extremely rapid method for identifying antibiotic targets in pathogenic bacteria.  This discovery led to the commerialization of the technology and the formation of Elitra Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  See http://www.elitra.com/our_profile/

Representative Publications:

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    Grigorian, A. V., Lustig, R. B., Guzmán, E. C., Mahaffy, J. M., and Zyskind, J. W. (2003)  Escherichia coli cells with increased levels of DnaA and deficient in recombinational repair have decreased viability. J. Bacteriol. 185:630-644.

Patents and Applications:
    Zyskind, J. W. and Forsyth, R. A. Method for Identifying Microbial Proliferation Genes, issued May 8, 2001, U.S. Patent # 6,228,579.

    Zyskind, J. W., Ohlsen, K. L., Trawick, J., Forsyth, R. A., Froelich, J. M., Carr, G. J., Yamamoto, R. T., Xu, H. H. Genes Identified as Required for Proliferation in Escherichia coli.  Intenational patent application Publication No. WO 00/44906.

    Zyskind, J. W. Chitobiase as a Reporter Enzyme. USA patent application filed.

    Zyskind, J. W. Use of Ectoenzymes and Secreted Enzymes to Monitor Cellular Proliferation. USA and PCT (International) patent applications filed.

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