Lab lunch at Nishiki Ramen, December 2017. From left to right around the table: Celeste Romero, Shengzhou Wang, Nick Strand, Jack Allen, Kelly Ross (her son, Felix, is sitting at the head of the table), Tuan Tran, Luiza Tunes, Ricardo Zayas, and Andy Kelm.

Principal Investigator:
Ricardo Zayas, Ph.D.  (e-mail: rzayas(at)

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Nick Strand, Ph.D. (e-mail: nstrand

Research Scientist:
Kelly Ross (Ph.D. Student) (e-mail: kel.g.ross(at)

Graduate Students:
John "Jack" Allen (Ph.D. Student) (e-mail: 
Tuan Tran (M.S. Student) (e-mail: tuandinhtran88(at)
Shengzhou Wang (M.S. Student) (

Undergraduate Research Students:
Madison Balagtas
Carolina Cano
Alec Candib
Marcus Gay (visiting student from UC, Berkeley)

For a list of lab alumni click here.

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