Kelly Ross' Doctoral Thesis Defense, May 2017. From left to right: Brian Dockter, Tuan Tran, Luiza Tunes, Celeste Romero, Kelly Ross, Nick Strand, Ricardo Zayas, Jack Allen, and Artem Movsesyan (who also defended his M.S. thesis, May 2017).

Principal Investigator:
Ricardo Zayas, Ph.D.  (e-mail: rzayas(at)

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Nick Strand, Ph.D. (e-mail: nstrand

Graduate Students:
John "Jack" Allen (Ph.D. Student) (e-mail: 
Kelly Ross (Ph.D. Student) (e-mail: kel.g.ross(at)
Tuan Tran (M.S. Student) (e-mail: tuandinhtran88(at)
Luiza Guimarães Tunes (Visting Ph.D. Student from 
René Rachou Research Center, Fiocruz Minas, Brazil)

Undergraduate Research Students:
Brian Dockter
Andy Kelm
Celeste Romero

For a list of lab alumni click here.

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