“Nature is not surprised by us, we are surprised by nature”

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Last updated: March 06th, 2012

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      Research Summary

We study viral-host interaction with the ultimate goal of blocking infection with our focus being HIV-1, the cause of AIDS, and Hepatitis C Virus, the main cause of liver cancer. The laboratory studies the effect of viral infection on signaling cascades and the role of the COP9 signalosome, a cellular complex of eight subunits, in the establishment of efficient infection. We also develop tools like random peptide libraries and cell-based assays that facilitate drug discovery. The cell-based assays being developed in our laboratory are aimed at monitoring the activity of viral proteases (HIV-1, HCV, and other Flaviviridae such as Dengue Virus), the processing of the HIV-1 envelope and the activity of HIV-1 integrase. We hope, through the discovery of novel antiviral peptides, chemical compounds or factors, to affect the cell rather than the virus, and thus ultimately block viral infection without resulting in viral escape.