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                    Roger E. Carpenter Lecture in Comparative Biology

13th Annual Roger E. Carpenter lecture in Comparative Biology
Dr. Adam Summers 

University of California Irvine

"From shark skeletons to body armor: the importance of blue sky research"

Monday April 28 2008  4:00 pm
Gold Auditorium, Bioscience Center
Reception following lecture in Faculty-Staff Club.

Dr. Adam Summers is a comparative biologist who writes a monthly column for Natural History. He has a background in mathematics, engineering, and evolutionary biology. His research program is understanding the effects of material properties on the form and structure of organisms. He has worked on a variety of vertebrates including reptiles, bony fish, and cartilaginous fish. His research considers several scales: the comparative biochemistry of cartilage, ultra and micro structural morphology, gross anatomy, and function at the whole animal level.