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                    Roger E. Carpenter Lecture in Comparative Biology

12th Annual Roger E. Carpenter lecture in Comparative Biology
Dr. Therese Markow
University of Arizona (currently University California San Diego)

"It's what's inside that counts: Postmating-prezegotic reproductive tract interactions influence speciation in diverse Drosophila"

Monday April 23 2007  4:00 pm
Geology, Mathematics, Computer Sciences Building Room 301
Reception following lecture in Faculty-Staff Club.

Dr. Markow is Regents' Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. She is an evolutionary biologist who studies speciation and adaptation to novel environments, primarily using Drosophila, especially the species endemic to the Sonoran desert that breed in decaying cactus. Research on this system combines a wide range of approaches, from field work to understand the ecologies of the different species, to the use of microrarrays to understand the genetic underpinnings of host shifts and reproductive isolation. She also investigates the genetics and ecology of other insects in the Sonoran desert, especially those that share the cacti with Drosophila and others that vector infectious diseases.