Core Policies


To use the core services for analysis of cells and not for high speed cell sorting, there are three possibilities.

If the user has a wealth of experience with the instrument in which they use, they must simply work with a Core operator at the beginning to demonstrate their proficiency in both instrument maintenance as well as software management. During this time, the Core operator will also educate the user in all areas specific to our core, including: Data management, Instrument Maintenance, Scheduling Appointments, Cancelation Policy, Hazardous Materials and Biosafety, etc. Once the user has been verified by an operator, they will be free to use the Core instruments as freely as they wish.

If the user has limited or no experience, but wishes to use the core as a means to become trained in Flow Cytometry, the Core is happy and encourages them to seek our assistance. We are happy to train anyone to use specific instruments and/or specific techniques in flow cytometry. Training sessions can be established before experiments are run and charged the normal hourly rate, OR, users can start experiments immediately and be trained in the collection of data specific to their experiment/instrument of use.

If the user simply wants to drop off samples for analysis, the core has operators available to run samples for the users and process data analysis. The operator will consult with the user before data collection to obtain the experimental layout and any specific comments from the user. After collection, the operator will analyze the data for the user if desired. Analysis rates apply (see “Services”)


All sorting will be conducted by a core operator. Users are welcome and encouraged to be present during sorts if they wish to provide specifics regarding the populations of interest.

Publication Policy

The Core facility should be acknowledged for all work conducted in the SDSU Flow Cytometry Core Facility

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