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The BD FACSAria flow cytometer is the first fixed-alignment benchtop highspeed cell sorter. The instrument can be operated at varied pressures and can acquire up to 70,000 events per second. With its fixed-optics design and digital electronics, the BD FACSAria flow cytometer enables multicolor analysis of up to 13 fluorescent markers and two scatter parameters at a time.  The FACSAria can sort up to four different cell populations simultaneously.

  1. Loads 5mL round bottom tubes or 15mL conical tubes

  2. Lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 633nm

  3. Detectors: 5 from blue laser, 3 from red, 3 from violet laser (See configuration)

  4. Sample Chilling Unit allows samples to be cooled both during acquisition as well as keeping collected samples cold.

  5. Sorts up to 4 populations into 5mL tubes or 2 populations into 15mL tubes.

  1. Loads individual 5mL tubes, a carousel of up to 40 5mL tubes, or plates.

  2. Lasers: 488nm, 633nm

  3. Detectors: 4 from blue, 2 from red laser. 

Designed for research use, the optional BD High Throughput Sampler (HTS) provides fully automated and rapid sample acquisition that can speed through a microtiter plate in less than 15 minutes, with less than 1% sample carryover. In high-throughput mode, fast acquisition speed is achieved by synchronizing two high-precision pumps for sample mixing, sample injection, and probe washing. Standard-throughput mode can be selected for acquisition of larger sample volumes. The HTS supports standard 96 and 384-well plates. It is operated using BD FACSDiva software, allowing users to define customized delivery protocols, mixing, wash, and analysis parameters.


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