Questions or comments about this webpage, please contact the webmaster

Questions or comments about this webpage, please contact the webmaster

Data Management

Export EVERY experiment you do if you want it to be backed up and/or to have access to it from the network.  This takes one click of the mouse, so even if you think you don’t need your data, just export it to be safe. 

During each month, data is stored on the server in the home folder.  At the end of each month, the data is moved to the “Previous Data” folder, burned onto a dvd, and Diva Databases are cleared from the acquisition computers.   The “Previous Data” folder will be removed when the entire drive is filled and the core staff needs to create new space.  If you need access to data that is no longer in this folder, speak with the core staff to access the DVD archives.

Accessing your data:

The core facility provides access to your data from any computer on the San Diego State campus.  For very simple data viewing (not downloading), go to:  For downloading and backing up your data, see below.


Flow Cytometry Core Facility

San Diego State University