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Mentorship, Training, and Career Opportunities

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Mentorship and Training:
The Glembotski lab provides a vibrant and rich training atmosphere for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-doctoral fellows in biomedical research. Training in the lab is based upon the premise that frequent communication with the Principal Investigator concerning project development and oversight will enhance productivity and trainee success. Trainees learn a method of scientific thinking, project development, time management, and manuscript and grant preparation that ensures success during the training, and well into the future. The goal is to prepare every trainee with the knowledge, scientific approach, credentials, published peer-reviewed papers and funded grants that are universally recognized indicators of success. Accordingly, the enterprising, hardworking, and thoughtful trainee will emerge from the lab armed with the ability to think and communicate effectively.

Career Opportunities:
There are excellent research opportunities for scientists and trainees at all levels in the Glembotski Lab.

Visiting Scientists and Post-doctoral Fellows interested in working in the lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Glembotski directly. Students interested in pursuing a MS or PhD, and interested in our research are encouraged to apply to SDSU's Dept of Biology.

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