Lab photos

The Feuer Lab fosters creativity, innovative research, and a lot of fun!


Chelsea's Farewell party


Jenna's Post-Defense party
J is for Jenna


Lab Lunch

At tapenade with H. Potter At Acqua al 2 Ristorante At Benihana's
Donn's Gangsta bib glassa vino cuppa joe Il Fornaio, baby
at Roy's c'mon food Ginger's appetizer Ginger's dessert Ginger's post-dessert dessert
at Sushi Ota Who's excited for fish? V VV V
at Benihana's at Benihana's (ginger added) at Benihana's (Ralph) at Benihana's (tiger and ninja poses)
at Yardhouse at Yardhouse at Yardhouse at slaters
Ssssshhhniiiikkkttt at Jake's at Jake's yummy dessert at Jake's in Del Mar
and we ran into Dave Matthews there and we saw Roman too


SRS 2012
SRS day 1 SRS day 2 SRS day 1 SRS day 1 SRS day 1
Could it be? yes, it seems... ..the Feuer lab is outdoors! and it is very bright out omg there's a light!
ha ha, just kidding

Melody was filmed at SRS!!!


GSS 2012
Donn at GSS Nelson at GSS Scott at GSS


Donn's Post-Defense Party
Congrats_Donn Mentor and Mentee


Scott's Defense & Party
Scott Defending Mentor and Mentee


Laser Tag
laser ready food and laser Feuer lab was here That's right, Feuer lab


SRS 2013
Alicia at her poster Laura at her poster Vrushali Presenting David presenting taking a break


Featured elsewhere on SDSU's websites first
Alicia for the win Laura and Alicia with MBRS Laura receiving her award at CSUPERB 2013


Jack and Lab Feuer Jon in the box Gin in the Box Jen in the box Donn in the box